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artfight revenge on theroboticscientist of their kny oc uwasa! his design is so fun, ty for letting me draw him!

if anyone wants to, feel free to add me! https://artfight.net/~motorproteins i'm haven't been active tho ;__;

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my full piece for swords and sunflowers, whose profits went to the bail project! i had a ton of fun revisiting samurai champloo and drawing this!

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tarot card i did for a kny collab project! zenitsu and kaigaku fit the meaning and composition of the tower so well

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some illustrations for my friend's kaigaku-centric fic “breath of reincarnation”! give it a read, it’s really good!!

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If you want to help bail out protesters but don’t know where to send your money — act blue put together a secure page that will split your donation between 30+ bail funds across the US

(read left to right)

Zenitsu: What is this, Gramps? (am I in trouble again :C)

Jigorou: It’s a birthday present. (don’t call me Gramps)

(Kaigaku doesn’t want to be here)

Z: A present…?

Z: I love you Gramps ;__;

J: Why are you crying??

K: (gross.)

Michikatsu: Do you know why I asked to talk to you today

Kaigaku: No.

M: The customers are complaining that you’re unfriendly.

K: Yeah? Well, the customers can suck my

M: This is exactly what not to say.

yes, his name tag says “boss man” (read left to right)


i'm hosting an art raffle on twitter!! i'm more active on there, so if you like my art, please check it out!

look, i’m not saying entertainment district arc kaigaku, but (bear with me) what if entertainment district arc kaigaku

finished a zine piece i've ben spending almost every minute of my free time on (that's why i've been mia lately lmao) and then immediately drew kaigaku

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inozen week day 2: (role)swap

picture this: you finally get assigned a swordsman and yeah it’s kinda weird that his previous smith quit and yeah he wants TWO swords but you put your blood sweat and tears into it… and then this happens

your name is agatsuma zenitsu and your life is a special kind of hell

Z: What do you think? It’s my first time forging all by myself! I worked really hard!!
Z: ?? Inosuke? You don’t like them? ;—–;
I: heh

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